The Pet Nanny offers various pet care options for your pet(s) while you are away.  We offer daily assistance--for clients who work during the day and need their pets taken care of--from mid-day walks to stopping by just to feed dinner if the client will be coming home late.  We also offer long-term care or multiple visits for those clients who are away on vacation, short business trips, or weekend getaways.  In a "meet and greet" session with Monika, the first-time client will set up the number of visits and the times they would prefer those visits for each day they are away from home.  Also during this initial meeting with a new client, a tour of the home, location of food/supplies, and of course, meeting the pet(s) will be included free of charge.

A standard "visit" to your pet(s) is approximately 30 minutes and consists of several steps, but is mainly targeted toward caring for your pet(s).  Depending on the nature of the visit, we will feed, change water, give medications, walk/exercise, change litter, and spend quality time with your pet(s).  A small portion of time is dedicated to managing your home (mail, newspaper, lights/blinds/TV, etc).  Any changes in behaviors or habits in your pet(s) will be immediately reported to the client for further discussion.  We will also report anything unusual or out of place in the home.  We feel that we are watching not only your pet(s), but your pet(s)' environment as well.  We want them to be safe at all times.  

We water all of your outdoor/indoor potted plants during morning visits, and pick up your newspaper as well.  Mail/packages/dry cleaning is usually brought into the house during a mid-day, afternoon, or evening visit.  We will also roll out your trash receptacle and recycle bin on the appropriate evening so that it can be picked up the next morning.  In also caring for your home, we will clean up any "accidents" or "sicknesses" with cleaning supplies provided by the client.  

Lastly, before leaving your home after each visit, we will always write the client a note.  Depending on the length of your absence and our time spent with your pet(s), the note will be full of details regarding the visit(s).  We want you to know exactly how it went!

We ask that you make reservations as far in advance as possible.  Avoiding 1-3 days notice is greatly appreciated.  Especially around the holidays, it gets very busy and we want to be able to accommodate all our clients, so we ask for 2 weeks notice for holiday reservations.

Each visit is $20.  There is no charge for extra pets or for visits made during the holidays.  This is a flat fee.

Payment is due at the time of service.  We ask that payment is left on the first visit to be picked up.  If extra visits are needed, we can do an invoice.  Checks should be made out to "The Pet Nanny."

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